The most complex tuning with the best components is of little value if the engine does not run properly or if a poorly adjusted carburetor does not allow optimal combustion. This is why small, inexpensive parts are very important when building an engine. Small components that too often are neglected. In order to be able to tune the engine correctly, precisely machined carburetor nozzles are a very important prerequisite. Unfortunately, the nozzles from many manufacturers are not very dimensionally accurate. The products of the original manufacturers do not guarantee an exact graduation of the nozzle sizes, as indicated on the nozzles. The worst are sets from some cheaper providers. Here, holes that are not dimensionally accurate or soiling that occurs during production can also prevent the mixture from being properly prepared. The company KMT, from the motherland of the mods, has taken on the problem. The task of KMT is to produce absolutely exact and high quality nozzles for all common carburettors. KMT nozzles stand out visually from all competitor products. The material and the workmanship look very high quality. The large and clearly engraved numbers are particularly easy to recognize and help to avoid errors. You no longer need a magnifying glass. The most important advantage of the KMT nozzles is the very precisely manufactured bore. It is particularly even and even. The diameter corresponds exactly to the specified size. The tolerance range is particularly narrow at 0.005-0.01mm. This also ensures a constant gradation between the individual nozzles. At the end of the production process, the nozzles are thoroughly cleaned so that no contamination or material residues can interfere with the flow.